Things I hate, in no particular order

  • When you are walking toward someone, and one of you needs to move, and the other person moves to the left. (Note: does not apply to the Queen's countries where y'all drive on the other side of the road). We work like cars people; always walk on the right.
  • When people underline things for emphasis. There is no…
  • » 7/23/14 10:35am 7/23/14 10:35am

GUYS. What kind of quiche should I make?

I've got the following cheeses leftover from my party: mozzarella, goat, gorgonzola (but I'm nixing that one, too strong I think), manchego, and another that won't go. I really need veggies in my life. I have to go to the store so anything is open. TELL ME THE QUICHES. I'll probably have a salad on the side too.… » 7/16/14 5:28pm 7/16/14 5:28pm

Open Thread: Tipping Policies (WITH UPDATES) (CANADIANS WELCOME)

A few of us were discussing tipping policies on Twitter. I think that sometimes the best way to figure out what is appropriate is to ask people in various jobs what they think is best/expected. There are a lot of questions out there and I know that I want to do what is appropriate, but I also don't want to tip every… » 7/15/14 11:31am 7/15/14 11:31am

So I'm hosting a big party, apparently. Help planning?

I was going to have two couples over for dinner at my house. Both of the men work with me, and I've become friends with one of their wives. We've been discussing this dinner for quite awhile, and finally found a date. As we are discussing it (and putting the date in our calendar) another co-worker walks up. Feeling a… » 7/08/14 1:27pm 7/08/14 1:27pm

Crafting battle: we came to a resolution

So my husband and I came to a resolution of our crafting battle. My husband's biggest problem with the vintage wood was that it was too busy and too dark. After talking to a guy on Etsy for awhile, I think we've found a wood that my husband likes, and a method of joining that will make the seams almost invisible, and… » 7/03/14 10:28am 7/03/14 10:28am